Saturday, December 24, 2011


Yes, it's true. If you go to you tube and play a video you will see a little snow button at the bottom of the player - click it and it snows, the snow accumulates and if your mouse moves it blows the snow around! Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 23, 2011


I with this being Christmas Eve I would Post 2 Fun Christmas Links and then if anyone has one to contribute please do!

and then there is this one and to be honest I am almost seriously thinking of switching to t mobile over this.  T mobile understand men.  Their spokeswoman is hot and their is a ton of nice looking ladies in this video!

Enjoy - and Merry Christmas.  Add links too for us to check out.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


On 12/01/2011 Google released YOUTUBES new look.  It has a much soft more approachable feel and has definitely given up some of the amateurism in it's look from before.  Google tested the new look with selected people to work out any bugs so when it released it would be so seamless they would have to point it out to some users.  Their plan worked.  For a while they had a little blue box at the bottom right to help use see the new look.

Over all we are talking about a much cleaner look where a user can go and customize their channel to their tastes.  Some other new features you tube is boasting is a colored background instead of white, and now their watch page is really a useful tool to the tuber who takes this seriously, finally and I am sure you have notice this by now, they have increased the overall size of the thumbnails to make it easier for the user to get an idea of what the video look is.

You may Love it or You may hate it but regardless it was time for YOUTUBE to make a change.  I personally feel the look and usability is great!  What are your thoughts.  YOU TUBE I give you a thumbs up on your new look and effort behind it.



This is a little off theme but I have to support my sons Blog, unlike mine that is just forming and the look is no where like I want it his is great so CHECK IT OUT!!!


You Tube vs MTV & VH1

I am going to try not to give away my age too much.  But when music videos first came out if you anted to catch your favorite video you had to spend hours watch the channel and ads (Ads you could not skip in 5 sec) and maybe just maybe you would catch it.

Now travel with me into the year 2011.  lots of things suck.  The economy sucks.  Finding a job sucks.

But - this thing called the internet which started years ago is now amazing and best part of all besides the porno guys, is YOU TUBE - yes it is MTV & VH1 on demand.

If you wanna hear a song and watch the video go to WWW.YOUTUBE.COM and type it in and bingo with any modern computer your off and running.  Now if you really want to enhance the experience I suggest (Like Me) a 5 speaker with sub-woofer speaker system, so you can jam when you want.   And if like me your family never wants to jam they now have great wireless remote headphones, I know, I have some or you can really splurge and get some nice noise canceling head phones, I have a pair of Bose but there are several good ones out there.

So join the new on demand video revolution and be come a tuber



If your into modern songwriting sung and played on a piano your in for a a treat.  This guy does it all and he really seems eager not only for feedback, for input from the fans on what they want to see, but even to interact with them.  I do not think I have heard a song yet I did not like by this guy.  Here is a link to his first major video self produced.

Be sure to subscribe to his Channel.

Lets here what you all think?